Blog Theme 日神 x 酒神

My current blog theme is 日神 x 酒神 (Apollinian and Dionysian).

Apollo: the God of the sun, truth, light, and logic, is the namesake for the first, ordered, half. This is the half that covers everything which is structured.
Dionysus: the God of wine, festivals, and madness lends his name to the later, frenzied, half. The Dionysian doesn’t categorize and tends to blur the boundaries between the self and nature with emotion.

I consent Nietzsche’s idea that we need both in our life to be complete people. The fusion of these two drives allows the tremendous frenzied energy of the Dionysian to be applied constructively inside an Apollonian framework.

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我当前的博客主题是 日神 x 酒神


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